Ricardo is a London based cinematographer/writer specialising in premium online social content. His eye has led him to work with national / international leading brands and the UK's top online trending shows. His mission is to impact the culture whilst pushing the boundaries between visual excellence, and affecting change through storytelling.

As an active member of the creative agency PAQ.works, original videographer for The Wall Of Productions and also showing promise as a writer, with the viral short film 'Amani', starring actor Joivan Wade ('HBO's -  Doom Patrol ''Cyborg'' and 'The First Purge' as Isiah), he has yet to show the best of what he has to offer.

Clients Include:

Nike | Converse | Lynx | Spotify | Footasylum | Nandos | Offspring | BooHoo | Tik Tok | Wray & Nephew | Warner Music Group | 

Netflix | Channe 4 | ITV | BBC | B.E.T 

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